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original art


goldenrod, watercolor, pastel on paper


This original work on paper was created in collaboration with the woods on a fall day when the sun gave only quick shy glimpses through the clouds. The composition, like others in the series, suggests a blurring between where one form starts and another begins. Despite its cacophony of color, the painting is relatively balanced, suggesting comfort and peacefulness.

The piece takes its name from a lyric of a familiar song by The Brother’s Four:


Try to remember when life was so tender

That no one wept except the willow

Try to remember the kind of September

When love was an ember about to billow

Try to remember and if you remember

Then follow, follow, follow


This piece is part of the series “Of September.” In the colder days, when things are a bit more difficult, the memory of September keeps us going when we need it most. All original works in the series include some hand-made pigment from goldenrod plants which were harvested at the height of their bloom. The paintings in this series serve as a reminder of nature's most bountiful and generous season.Please consider measurements carefully before purchase and take the time to view colors on different monitors, as colors may appear different on different devices. I have done my best to represent all artworks accurately. All works are signed, stamped, and titled individually by the artist.Please note that your purchase does not include a frame. This original work on paper will look best when displayed in a frame. If you are unsure about which frame to choose, I have created a guide for you here.



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