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About Growing In Process: Art and Nature Intertwined

artist in the studio
Artist Mira Cabrera in her studio

Hello! I'm Mira, and I am the artist behind Growing In Process.

I collect and cultivate natural pigments, which I combine with traditional paints in my studio, helping to connect my process to the environment around me. My hope is that my artwork feels familiar to you, and serves as a connection between your indoor space and the outdoor spaces you love.

What I Offer:

Original Artworks: Each painting is created with foraged organic materials combined with traditional media in order to reflect the unique colors and essence of the natural world. These abstract landscape paintings connect viewers to the environment with a fresh contemporary aesthetic.

Fine Art Prints: I provide high-quality reproductions of my originals, making the beauty of my art accessible to more homes and hearts. These prints maintain the depth and vibrancy of the original pieces.

Artist Services & Education: I believe that artists must be actively engaged with their surroundings in order to remain relevant. With a strong background in education and community engagement, I offer private lessons, studio assistantships, and workshops in collaboration with local farms, land trust organizations, and educational institutions.

My Mission:

Growing In Process aims to sustain an artistic practice that not only produces inspiring artwork but also enhances the community's connection to art and environment.

Why Connect with Me:

Deep Artistic Roots: With over 14 years of experience as a professional artist and educator, I bring a wealth of experience and a refined aesthetic to every piece.

Commitment to Sustainability: My work emphasizes ethical practices and environmental consciousness, crafting each creation responsibly and with the values of my clients in mind.

Community and Education Focus: I believe in art as a community dialogue, providing educational opportunities that enrich and inspire.

If you're drawn to unique, meaningful artwork or wish to explore the artistic process, then lets connect!


Artist, Growing In Process


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