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My Frame Recommendations

Not sure where to start with framing your new art? I'm here to help! Here's a quick guide to art framing.

Do you have art on canvas or paper?

  • Works on paper will look best when displayed in a glass or plexiglass covered frame. You have the additional option to mat the work (add a clean white or colored frame within your frame that sits up against the art). If you choose to mat, make sure your art is a little bigger than the mat, but smaller than the frame. Here is an example of a frame I love for small works

Its a little out of proportion from the art, but that is Okay! Remember, it is your art, so do what works best for you, and frame your piece in a way that suits you and your space.

  • Works on mounted canvas don't need to live in a frame! They come with picture wire already installed, and are ready to hang on your wall. However, you might wish to add an additional frame to your piece, depending on the aesthetic of your space. In that case, I love the look of a floater frame. Here is an example of a floater frame that I love for works on canvas. For my work, you will need a frame that is 7/8" deep (this refers to the depth of the bars the canvas is mounted on).

If you are trying to decide which type of print to choose (on paper or canvas), remember that while paper may be more budget-friendly at checkout, it will also require the additional expense of a frame. Keep this in mind when choosing which option is best for your checkbook. In terms of the look, in my opinion you can't go wrong either way!

Let me know if you have any additional questions. Email me at, or comment below!


Artist, Growing In Process


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