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Something is Starting to Grow...

Updated: Jun 12

I am thrilled to announce that I have begun another painting series! I’ve kept this collaboration a secret for a while, but I’m ready to make it official: I’ve been scouting out colors and dreaming up a series inspired by the flowers growing at Woods Market Garden.

Wood's Market Garden
The farm has lots of fresh paint & exciting contemporary design, but I'm also drawn to the texture of its history.

Wood's Market Garden has been one of the most well-loved farms in central Vermont for over a century. Their hanging flower baskets, herbs, and organic produce are top-notch. The farm has a glorious mix of old Vermont charm combined with a hip and fun sensibility. Elyse (one of the new owners) has curated a selection of goods at the farm stand ranging from mushroom-embellished cotton aprons to fancy local jam—it’s definitely my kind of vibe. I'm so thrilled that Elyse has invited me to spend time at the farm and I'm so excited about this budding friendship!

Flowers for the farm's flower CSA are starting to bloom

I've done a few scouting missions to the farm, spending some time photographing and choosing the colors and shapes that feel right for a series inspired by this special place. I will be exhibiting my new painting series at the farm in mid-July, right alongside the flowers that inspired the paintings.

From the flower field, there's a gorgeous view of the mountains

Beginning color explorations include the colors of the young flowers, the old barn, and a discarded robin's egg shell that matched the trim in the farm stand perfectly

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration--I cannot wait to share more! I'll update you as I develop this series (and its farm-sourced signature natural pigment)!

Happy Trails!


Artist, Growing In Process

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