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Winter '24 Abstract Nature Painting Series Release: "Shadows."

This series marks the fourth and final collection of my first year at Growing in Process. There's a lot to look back on that I am proud of, and a lot more to look forward to. It feels like the perfect moment for a series that is about moving ahead while also honoring the past.

About the Series

This series is full circle in a lot of ways. We have literally made a full rotation through the seasons since this journey at Growing In Process began. When I first opened Growing In Process, it felt like starting over. However, during the creation of this series I had a moment of realization, while looking out from the precipice of one of my favorite mountain trails, that my past work has always been leading me to this point. I began to see this painting journey not in terms of the past year, but in terms of a lifetime of experimentation, process, trial and triumph.

We all have moments of deep reinvention, and what better time to honor what has come before than in the winter season, when the bones of the landscape stretch out before us and reveal what is most essential. This series serves as a reminder that to be able to begin anew is a gift.

About the Signature Pigment "Homegrown Indigo"

The signature pigment for this series is homegrown indigo, which I nurtured from seed last spring, cared for through the summer, harvested in the fall, and processed into paint for this winter series. This pigment is combined with traditional paints and used in various ways throughout the series, adding depth, history, and personal connection to each piece. It feels so natural that this pigment should be part of a series that is about walking forward while honoring the past.

A New Canvas Surface for Oil Paintings

The canvas for this series is new--it is 100% hemp canvas that was hand dyed, stretched, and primed by me rather than being store bought. Even though it has been quadruple primed, the canvas retains a raw natural texture reminiscent of snow. The dye creates a shadow beneath the paint--a record of what once was, influencing the image that is applied on top.

You will also notice also that the paint moves differently in this series. I decided to thin my oils into lighter washes, allowing the canvas to show through beneath while slowly layering up colors. This is a technique similar to that which is used in watercolor painting, a medium I have used for my entire artistic career. Because of this, the oil and watercolor pieces feel closer in color and composition than they have in my previous collections.

The series will launch to collectors list (anyone signed up for emails) on February 25 at 10am EST, and be released to the public on February 26 at 10am EST. In the past collections have sold out within the first 24 hours, so make sure you're signed up to get first access to your favorite original works.

And new this time around...a limited edition print release!

I introduced high quality print reproductions with my last series, and I am thrilled to be able to offer this option again, this time with a little twist! For three days only (March 10-13), I will offer limited edition prints from the 'Shadows' series with additional hand-painted elements in the original signature homegrown indigo pigment. I'll send more details about these one-of-a-kind prints out later. If you'd like to explore more ahead of the launch, check out Original or Print: How to decide what is right for you.

If I have your mailing address on file, you may have already received a surprise thank you gift from me, expressing my gratitude for your support this past year. If you would like to be included in future, make sure I have your address on file.

As always, thank you for your support, company, and encouragement. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.


Artist, Growing In Process


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