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Take a walk with me...

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

I'm Mira, and I'm the artist behind Growing In Process.

For almost two decades, I worked as a theatrical designer, telling stories to audiences all over the United States. Recently, I've decided to leave the darkness of the theater for a brighter adventure in the Vermont woods and in my painting studio. Reinvention can be tricky, but telling stories through visuals isn't new to me, and I am excited for this path.

The other day, my 4-year-old son came inside from playing in the back yard. Breathless with excitement, his nose still red from the winter cold, he announced that he had a present for me. He held out his small hand, and inside was a little leaf, bundled up with its own stem like a tiny gift-wrapped package. I accepted the gift with some bewilderment and much excitement (and let's face it, a little fear...anyone who knows 4-year-olds also knows the fear of something gooey appearing is omnipresent). I unwrapped the leaf. Inside I found a little chunk of bright green moss, collected from some unknown corner of the yard. It was a relic of green summer hikes, long since buried by the winter snow. I looked up and saw the spark of care and recognition in my son's eyes. I've never felt more seen, honestly.

Through Growing In Process, I hope to make you feel this same spark. I will take you with me as I process through earth, idea, and color. We will walk together and connect to the best parts of our experience in nature--the tiny tactile parts that may touch us for only a moment, but live in our hearts forever.


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Mike Considine
Mike Considine
Nov 03, 2023


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