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The Importance of Active Rest

As we enter the final days of the first month of this new year 2024, I've been feeling the charged energy of the winter months. In the creative process we call this phase "incubation." Everything is happening under the surface--you may not feel productive in this state, but soon you will emerge with an "ah-ha!" as your unconscious and conscious mind connect, and questions lead to answers.

This state of dormancy is arguably one of the most important phases of the creative process, though in our culture it can be one of the hardest stages to accept. We live in a go-go-go culture, and in this digital age, we numb ourselves to the language of the natural world.

In this quiet, reflective time, I've found my past and present converging in a beautiful, unexpected way. My journey through the textile arts has begun to weave itself into my current work in abstract landscape painting. This fusion is creating a new surface, a new medium, that echoes the stories of my artistic journey. It's a blend of texture, color, and form that brings a new dimension to the natural colors and textures I depict.

As I develop this series, I am reminded of the fallow fields in nature. Just as the earth rests, recovering and preparing for the next season's growth, so too does the artist's soul. We draw from these periods of inactivity, these times of introspection and quietude, to cultivate something richer and more profound. Remember: it's okay to embrace this rest. It's not only natural but necessary. Let your mind wander, let your hands be still, and in this space, watch as new ideas germinate and grow.

Don't forget that active rest is just as important as active seeking. As I prepare to unveil this new winter series, I invite you to join me in celebrating the power of rest, the beauty of contemplation, and the thrill of bringing disparate elements together into something new and vibrant. Remember, in the rhythm of nature, and in the dance of creativity, there is a time for action and a time for rest. Both are essential.

As always, thank you for being with me on this journey.


Artist, Growing In Process


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