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original art


charcoal, local ochre, oil on canvas


This painting was created as part of the "Stone & Bloom" Collection, an exploration of the interplay between ancient and ephemeral wisdom. The collection builds upon ancient pigments with hues reminiscent of fleeting blooms, clouds, and fields in an attempt to capture the essence of these familiar yet transient moments in a contemporary abstract form.


Many careful color studies of spring blossoms led to this piece, which is entirely painted from memory. While the form is undeniably representational of blooms, the negative space of the composition takes on a form of its own, as if to suggest the memory of the object is more powerful than the object itself. The black ground of the painting is primarily hand-ground charcoal, nodding to the concept of ancient memory, and the connection I feel to the past when handling these tactile art materials.


Please consider measurements carefully before purchase and take the time to view colors on different monitors, as colors may appear different on different devices. I have done my best to represent all artworks accurately. This piece is painted on gallery wrapped canvas with painted edges, and comes ready to hang with picture wire and crisp white ¼” custom trim.

Stone Bloom No.3


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