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This beautiful wooden box palette contains 12 natural pigment colors that were sustainably gathered, processed, and made into paint 100% start to finish by me. These hand-crafted watercolors were made with sustainably harvested natural pigments from the Middlebury, Vermont area. The lightfastness of each color will vary, and colors may shift over time. Cracking or other imperfections in the cakes are part of the handmade character of these paints, and will not affect their performance. They are from nature, but do not eat them; nature produces both poisons and balms.

Elegant wooden box closes with magnets and contains 12 half-pan samples of color, as well as hand painted swatches of each.
1. charcoal
2. black nebula carrot
3. homegrown indigo
4. sunflower seed
5. goldenrod
6. marigold
7. yellow ochre
8. red ochre
9. purple ochre
10. light ochre
11. lichen lake
12. soil from the base of an uprooted tree

Natural Pigments Watercolor Palette


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