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‘Shadows No.2’

original art


homegrown indigo pigment, watercolor, pastel, & ink on paper


The foundational wash of this piece was painted in collaboration with a winter’s day, and if you look closely you will see a pattern of frost that formed in the paint layered beneath subsequent washes of ink, watercolor, and pastel. The composition contains strong warm and cool tones, suggesting sunlight through the trees. 


This artwork is part of the winter 2024 "Shadows" collection. The series contemplates the stillness of winter while honoring the memory of what has come before. For this series I took pride in connecting with the surfaces beneath my paint. The watercolors were born out of light shadowy washes, forming the foundation of the composition layered above. The signature natural pigment used is homegrown indigo, which I nurtured from seed last spring, cared for through the summer, harvested in the fall, and processed into paint this winter. 


Please consider measurements carefully before purchase and take the time to view colors on different monitors, as colors may appear different on different devices. I have done my best to represent all artworks accurately. All works are signed, stamped, and titled individually by the artist.


Note that your purchase does not include a frame. Please note that your purchase does not include a frame. This original work on paper will look best when displayed in a frame. If you are unsure about which frame to choose, I have created a guide for you here.

Shadows No.2


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