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‘To Earthward Part 1’

original art


homegrown indigo pigment & oil paint on hand-dyed canvas


Like Robert Frost’s poem by the same name, this painting explores the idea of love through time with a view of earth and sky. The pair of paintings (Part 1 & 2) consider my own evolving understanding of love as I age. Part 1 is earth-bound, with clear shadows of trees and texture present in the ground. The composition layers cool and warm tones suggestive of late afternoon, and various washes provide subtle differences between satin and matte surfaces, playing with the viewer’s perception of color and light.


Part 2, while being an extension of the first, also represents a much less clearly defined atmosphere–an altered view of the same space. The texture of the canvas beneath the soft washes of color have now become a central component of the painting. Suggesting a liminal space between earth and sky, the viewer must choose where their gaze will linger.


"To Earthward," by Robert Frost:


Love at the lips was touch

As sweet as I could bear;

And once that seemed too much;

I lived on air


That crossed me from sweet things,

The flow of—was it musk

From hidden grapevine springs

Downhill at dusk?


I had the swirl and ache

From sprays of honeysuckle

That when they're gathered shake

Dew on the knuckle.


I craved strong sweets, but those

Seemed strong when I was young;

The petal of the rose

It was that stung.


Now no joy but lacks salt,

That is not dashed with pain

And weariness and fault;

I crave the stain


Of tears, the aftermark

Of almost too much love,

The sweet of bitter bark

And burning clove.


When stiff and sore and scarred

I take away my hand

From leaning on it hard

In grass and sand,


The hurt is not enough:

I long for weight and strength

To feel the earth as rough

To all my length.


This artwork is part of the winter 2024 "Shadows" collection. The series contemplates the stillness of winter while honoring the memory of what has come before. For this series I took pride in connecting with the surfaces beneath my paint. All oils are painted on a beautifully textured 100% hemp canvas which was hand-dyed with the shadow of a composition before being stretched and primed as traditional canvas surfaces are. The signature natural pigment for this series is homegrown indigo, which I nurtured from seed last spring, cared for through the summer, harvested in the fall, and processed into paint this winter. 

Please consider measurements carefully before purchase and take the time to view colors on different monitors, as colors may appear different on different devices. I have done my best to represent all artworks accurately. All works are signed, stamped, and titled individually by the artist.


Note that your purchase does not include a frame. This mounted canvas original arrives ready to hang with picture wire, so it doesn’t need to live in a frame. If you are unsure about framing, I have created a guide for you here.

To Earthward Part 1


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